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Guest Blogger - Faith

I met Faith through Project Wedding while we were both planning our weddings!  It's been over a year since then and we've still remained great online friends!  As we transitioned to blogland we both continued to stay in touch via posts and e-mail!  When I asked Faith if she was willing to do a guest post on my blog while I'm away on vacation, she jumped on the opportunity!  I hope you enjoy the post as much I do!!  You can visit Faith on her blog...Life.Love&Marriage.  I just love her and hubby Sean...such a sweet couple!


Hi Fabulous friends of Kathy!  I am so excited to be here while Kathy is away celebrating her dear friend’s wedding and her one year wedded anniversary!

What better topic to discuss than wedded bliss!  OK, I can think of a few topics but you have to admit that marriage comes extremely close!....

 I am nearing my second year of marriage which is in November but I will be the first one to say that the first year of marriage definitely was a growing time in my life.  A time when I learned that it wasn’t all about me.  That the decisions I made not only affected me but my husband as well.  
I learned a lot about myself as a person and about the person I married.  Yes, you think you know everything about the person you are about to marry but trust me when you see that person you absolutely adore do something that you have never seen before.  Sometimes it is mind-blowing and you think in your head, wow, I didn’t think this person could get any more amazing and then sometimes it is not so amazing and you think in your head, wow, seriously?!  Sometimes, it is more than “seriously” that comes to mind but since this post is to celebrate wedded bliss we will leave it at that.

All of that to say that I believe there are a few things that must happen between two individuals to ensure that you have a happy and enjoyable first year of marriage because they do say it is the hardest.  

1. God

{This is obviously going to be my opinion as many people do not agree with that but in my marriage I truly believe that if it wasn’t for Him there is no way I could have a happy and healthy marriage.  He has to be the foundation because if he is not there is room for temptations outside the marriage and the big D word.  My parents taught me that not every day with your love is going to be sunshine but with God you can go through the storm and come out completely dry}

2. Communicate

{If you don’t talk, your marriage will fail.  If you don’t say how you feel at the moment you feel it, your marriage will fail.  This does not mean that you have to speak anyway you choose just because you feel that way.  I think as grown adults we can say how we feel without hurting ones feelings or being demeaning.   Do not wait until things have gotten to the point where you can’t stand it anymore and the love is gone.  Nip it in the butt right away.  If your husband or wife has done something to you that hurt you, let them know.  Sometimes it is not done on purpose and it feels a lot better to let it out.  Talk it out}

3. Date Nights {Do Things Together}

{Life gets busy.  People get busy.  Don’t get too busy that you can’t make time for your significant other.  It is important to keep the spark alive and date nights do that.  It can be a simple night in or it can be my favorite kind where I get all dolled up to the nine.  I love those nights because I love the look of pure pride in my husband’s eyes when he looks at me and wonders in his head, how did I get her?  Sometimes I wonder myself, haha.  But seriously, date nights are important for every couple.  No one wants to wake up one day and look over at the person beside them and wonder who they are}

4. Have Your Own Thing

{Do not let your husband or wife define you.  Do your own thing.  Have your own thing.  It is important not to get so lost into someone that you lose yourself.  If your husband or wife wanted to marry themselves they wouldn’t have married you.  Have your own hobbies, have your own friends, do things without each other.  I am not saying to take it to the extreme where you just don’t do anything together because that is the recipe for disaster.  What I am saying is to make sure that there is time that you take out to do you.  I do know that when I haven’t seen husband for a few hours and I see him again, I get so excited.  Yes, I would rather do everything with him but to stay in a healthy and sane relationship, I think it is important for both parties to not forget who they are}

5. Flirt Intensely

{Make out, have sex, enjoy each other.  It is the only thing that makes you one.  It is an act of pure love and affection for your significant other.  Do not make it a habit to say no or make excuses why you don’t want to get close to your significant other.  I believe that people who cheat are lacking something at home.  Lots of times it is affection.  Make sure your husband and wife know you desire them.  Send them hot texts throughout the day to get them all hot and bothered.  The next time you see them I promise you won’t be sitting on the couch, watching television while you eat dinner silently}

6. Compliment Each Other

{Everyone loves a compliment and so does your husband or wife.  Let them know how much you appreciated them taking out the trash, doing the laundry, etc.  When you are doing something together tell your significant other how amazing they look.  Let your significant other know how brilliant or funny you think he or she is.  It is amazing how doing something as simple as that can go a real long way}

There are a million and one more ways to ensure that you move on from one year of marriage to celebrating 50+ golden years but then that would be the longest blog post ever, so I’ll leave this post with the six above.

Marriage is a blessing and a gift from God.  The first year of marriage is when you truly learn about what you can do to ensure that you have a long and happy marriage.  I hope that each and every day I remember the six above and make it a point to do them.  What are the top six for you to ensure that you keep your marriage rocking hot?

I’ll end this post with a quote:

“There is no lovelier, friendly, charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.”
~Martin Luther

Thank you Kathy for having me!  Have a fabulous time on your vacay!

- Faith from Life.Love&Marrige


  1. Great post faith! The 1st year is very hard...i can attest to that! All you've mentioned is very critical especially during the building years.

  2. Faith is one of my favorite people AND has one of my favorite blogs too!! She rocks! :)

    What an awesome post! You were spot on with all these points. It's not easy to find the right balance, but once you have- marriage is something truly beautiful.

    [Off to flirt with my hubby!]

  3. I just love that two of my absolute fav bloggers are web buddies as well! This was a great post faith...I'll keep those in mind when the time comes ;)

  4. Tami, you are one of my favorite people too! i love you ... have a blast flirting with Adam, hehe ;)

  5. I agree with all these and being that im only on my four moths of marriage...I'm am deligently working on these! I would add laughing too because in all honesty that's what hubby and I have been doing from day one! Great advice Faith!

  6. aww! So cute! I loved all the tips and I think you are spot on. You can tell how much y'all love each other just in the few months I've been reading your blog. How blessed you are =)

  7. I'm bookmarking this post! Great job Faith!

  8. I love you Faith. What a great awesome post. All the things you listed above are great to keep a marriage together and strong. God is the goal keeper.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Absolutely great post!!! Especially the flirting intensely. My friends always say I act like Chris and I just met and I'm very very glad it seems that way because we both still find each other interesting and are on fire for each other!

  10. loved reading this, very much on point.

  11. Great post! I will make sure to keep this post in mind for my future with Joseph :)


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