Monday, November 28, 2011

The baby bump

Many of you have been asking for bump pics and I've been mum on the subject.  To be honest.. I didn't think I had much of one to show off yet. :)  But low and behold, as I enter 17 weeks... the baby bump is no longer able to be hidden.  I'll start doing weekly posts on the progression.  It'll be my baby journal of sorts.  I still want the direction of this blog to be DIY and projects... but I can't deny the fact that a lot of upcoming projects will be for our little one... so here goes...!  :)

5 Weeks
This was the first pic we ever took... not much to show at all.  At this point I was feeling pretty good.  Not tired yet, just super excited!   We really had just found out on our anniversary vacation. 

 10 Weeks
Yup... a tiny bump is coming in. Definitely started to feel the exhaustion factor.  Slight nausea... but not full out sick yet.  The cravings for fruit started too...!
12 Weeks
I had to pack away some of my favorite jeans this week... they just weren't making the cut anymore! Finally was able to break the news at work too!   Nausea is pretty much gone... but I still crave fruit along with steak and shake burgers. :) ...extra pickles with everything too.
14 Weeks
My laziness factor has kicked into over-drive.  I get sooo tired so easily these days.  I have a list of to-do projects once I get my energy back . See... even my picture was lazy...  But you get the gist. :)

17 Weeks
Finally  got around to taking a pic.  Baby really started growing the last couple weeks.  Can't believe how different I look.  Lower back pain started getting a little more intense, which isn't so cool being so early on still.   Cravings have let up, though I did inhale an entire box of real fruit popsicles in one day... 

Stay tuned!  Actually... I have a non-baby related project that I just finished up that you'll all get a kick out of!  I'll post that tomorrow!


  1. Awww love your bumpdate! I posted my bump pics today too (only announced the pregnancy last week) I know you want to keep the blog DIY but I hope you post TONS of baby stuff so I can follow your progress and know what I may be in for! I'm 4 weeks behind you.

  2. AHHHHH, more baby bumps, how nice ;)! Congrats!!!

  3. Hi Cathy am Susan i love your blog! Your house is amazing and all your DIY projects awesome. Am from Uganda too and married to the love of my life and live in seattle. Ok Your little munchkin is gonna be one very beautiful baby. Trust me i know, i got two of them.

  4. oh Kathy! Cricket is growing! so exciting! love your baby bump! looking forward to all the updates, ABOUT TIME! ;)

  5. haha...sorry for the delay Faith! :)

  6. Kathy, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the fact that you are blogging and tracking you and the baby's progress! Im too excited!!! It's exciting to see and watch as well. I have to keep callin for patience for my turn, until then, I enjoythe baby experiences with/for friends!!! IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND MATT!!! Love You Guys
    *~Ruth Matovu~*

  7. Wow that belly is growing fast!

    Hey Kathy, how do you plan to manage a new baby and business school? I'm working on starting business school part-time soon and reducing my work schedule, and it's dawning on me that hubby and I will might start baby planning while I'm in the midst of business school... >_<

  8. @ Savvy...very carefully. :) Actually I plan to take one accelerated course next semester that ends 2 months before I'm due. Then I'll be taking an online course through the summer while home with the baby. I know it'll be intense, but I don't want to take the time off of school. It makes it that much harder to start back up.

  9. Ah the growing bump. Congrats again, your bump is really taking shape. I hope you do keep up with bump updates, babies are so much fun

  10. Yeah, there's no more hiding that bump! You look cute mama :)

  11. @Kathy keep me posted and let's keep in touch. If I lived nearby I would have gladly volunteered to baby sit (hubby and I love kids)! ^_^


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