Wednesday, January 11, 2012

23 week Bump Update!

How Far Along? 23 weeks 4 days
Size of Baby? Just over 11 inches and weighing about 1 pound. (weight of a mango!)
Maternity Clothes? It's getting cold here and my winter coat has maybe another couple weeks before it won't zip anymore... so I ordered a maternity winter coat...and a swimsuit because I want to go lounge in the pool at our rec center. :) 
Stretch Marks? None! 
Sleep? Hit or miss...each night is a mystery.  Just can't get comfortable.
Food Cravings? Mexican never lets me down....frozen yogurt!!!
What I Miss: Moving around easily.  I feel like I'm 2 feet away from the sink when I wash dishes.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Decorating the nursery.  We finished painting last weekend and now its time for Matt to do his building magic on the bookshelves. :)
Symptoms?  I seriously can't quench my thirst.  Lips are constantly chapped but I feel like I'm constantly attached to my water bottle!  Oh yeah, I also purchased a stainless steel Camelbak water bottle... AMAZINGNESS!
Movement?  All the time now...and majority of the times I can get Cricket started when I rub my belly. I can tell Cricket is moving up too because I started feeling more kicks above my belly button. :)
Belly Button In or Out? I can't deny it any longer... it's out.  Matt thinks it's the funniest thing alive and is constantly wanting to push it... like it's some kind of doorbell.
Labor Signs? Nope!
Best Moment of the Week? Matt reads to the baby every night so that his voice becomes familiar.  Its so cute how Cricket will be kicking up a storm just before he starts and then just mellows out while he reads. 
Weekly Wisdom: "Exposing the belly once I enter a store...(especially a home improvement one) guarantees immediate customer service.  I actually had a personal shopper the last time I went in. hehe..." (no shame...)


  1. you look so great! loving your baby bump!

    and too funny, the perks of pregnancy ... i wouldn't have any shame either, haha.

    so cute that Matt reads to Cricket every night. :)

  2. Look at that cute baby bump! Aw! So funny that you use the belly for better customer service. =) I don't blame you!

  3. Ah, the bump is looking good. I totally used my belly to get stuff when I was pregnant, go ahead, enjoy :). Can't wait to see the finished product of the nursery.

  4. You look so cute! You are still little everywhere else except that adorable bump :) Ha and smart of you to take advantage of the perks of pregnancy, good for you.

  5. I wonder where you took this pic! =)


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