Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The craziness of the New Year has begun...

{This is a post on organization!}
It was never my plan to be super busy starting off the new year... but as we prep for the new arrival of our family  member things just got... hectic.  But we're also taking advantage of the unusually warm January weather to really prep the house for the winter onslaught we're used to.  Of course, I made a list of things to-do!  haha.  Just so I can visually see how crazy insane our lives are.  Here's my plan for each month till Cricket's B-day!

  • Repair and replace damaged window screens (from the hail storm last summer)
  • Drop off recycling...yup, the recycle bins we made are full!! 
  • Inspect and replace smoke detectors.  
  • Get board and batten installed in nursery
  • Order and assemble baby furniture!
  • Ikea run for house stuff!
  • Spring MBA classes
  • Finish laundry room! (I want my Ikea cabinets installed!)
  • Refinish table and rocking chair for nursery (weather needs to be warmer!!)
  • Schedule to get our new roof installed.
  • Final details in nursery...aka let the nesting begin!


  1. You are so organized! I hope you get to complete everything before the baby arrives :)

  2. wow, you have a big list! and i love how you have it written down by months!

    i can only imagine how excited you are to get started on the nursery!

  3. Very nice! So excited for you two! Good luck with your to-dos =)


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