Thursday, February 23, 2012

A baby {already} changes everything!

...haha... true story.  They don't have to be out to have your whole world turned upside down!  I was going through so old posts to get inspired and I couldn't believe how depleted my motivation has been in the last 6 months!!  I apologize for having such a poor blog face!!  Oh my...
I will admit, lately it's been really hard to move around...bend...or stay awake long enough to even take pictures. lol.  But I feel motivated for this weekend.
Matt's been so busy with the nursery that I haven't been able to use him for a helping hand.  But that's ok... I have huge plans with my sewing machine...and some paint. :)

{Rocking in a New Look}
We have an old rocking chair that I want to bring to life for the nursery.  I stumbled upon this DIY rocking chair slip cover on Living with Lindsey and now I want to  try it out with a little twist.
I've never sewn anything like a slip cover this could get really interesting. :)

{Spill style}
I want to DIY baby bibs...from our old t-shirts. :)  I already have a bunch cut out and the back fabric purchased... just didn't have the energy to sew them up. :)  
{Organize This!}
I saw this awesome organizer board over at House of Smiths and I just have to have one on our basement door!!   I even got Matt to cut me a piece of sheet metal already.  Just need to pick up an old frame from Goodwill and decorative metal sheeting. 

I'm going to leave it at that for the weekend.  I don't want to overwhelm myself and come out with nothing to show for it!!!  Wish me luck...!

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  1. Lots to get accomplished! Can't wait to see it all!


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