Monday, February 6, 2012

Flushed Out!

This past weekend I decided to tackle our upstairs leaky toilet.  It's the guest bath, so we actually just shut off the water to it instead of dealing with the constant running!  lol.  To be honest, I think the source of the problem is those drop in toilet cleaning bars that slowly dissolve.  I'm pretty sure it ate away at the seal!!  Won't be using that again!
Well instead on replacing the system with the typical ball & chain model... lol.  I went ahead and ordered: Being Water's Push Button Dual Flush System.  It's a dual flush conversion kit that helps cut down on water waste.  One button uses 1/2 a tank of water for your "light" use...and the second uses a full tank for the "heavy duty" needs. :)

As I started reading the directions that came in the box I began to realize the installation was more intense that I initially thought.  I had to completely remove all the water and the tank from the actual toilet base.  The directions began to look a little fuzzy so I found a You Tube video that walked me through the rest.  In about an hour the entire system was installed and working smoothly! 

This was definitely a worthwhile investment...and the installation really wasn't all that bad.  Now I want to convert the other two bathrooms!! 

...meanwhile, Matt was busy making a whole lot of  ruckus in the baby's room with all his power tools!!... wonder what he's doing... hehe. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Never thought I'd say this but that is such a pretty toilet bowl flusher!


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