Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our 2nd Baby Shower

This past weekend we  traveled down to Matt's hometown for another baby shower thrown by his side of the family.  The trip in itself was awesome...but the shower was icing on the cake!  The details were kept a secret from me once again and boy was I blown away by everything!  I haven't gotten all the pics back yet but couldn't wait to share with you all!

The shower was hosted by my sister-in-laws (Dayna & Nicole), my mother-in-law and a close family friend (Jenny).  Let's start with the decor...colorful and gorgeous!  Without even realizing it, I matched it all too. :)
Nicole made these gorgeous ribbon trees!  She let me have this one for the nursery since it matches perfectly!! :)
As for the food... what a spread!  Two types of homemade soup (Lentil and vegetable), sandwiches, pasta salad, fruits and veggies, samusas, bacon and cheese ball...and  the punch... oh my word.  (I have a thing for punch! haha).
The cake... was amazing!  Dayna and her mom made the cutest preggo belly cake from scratch...seriously impressed and eager to be taught how!

{Dayna and her mom}
We played games, laughed and just enjoyed each others company!  It was seriously an awesome time with some lovely ladies.  The gifts were beyond what we expected for Baby C!  We received a lot of clothes to fill the closet and a lot of useful items to make our baby's first years comfortable.

Future student at my aluma mater!

Matt's parents got us a digital camcorder to make home movies! 
One of the hostesses, Jenny made this gorgeous diaper cake!!  How cute, right?! 
We also received a couple gorgeous gift baskets full of goodies!

And some pics of me with family and friends.  Like I said before, I still haven't received pictures from everyone so I don't have many of all the ladies who were in attendance.  I do want to take this time to thank the 20 some women in Matt's life that took time out of their Saturday to come shower us with love and support for our soon-to-be here addition!  We feel so blessed!! 
{With my sister}
{With my mom}

{My niece Rowan - Dayna's daughter}

Comparing bellies with my father-in-law!  I love this guy!
Hanging out with my nephew and his mom (and hostess)
Matt and I are so ready to start our family!!


  1. Both of your showers were beautiful Kathy!!! I'm so happy for you and Matt for all the love you are receiving for your little one! You both are truly blessed!! All the best to you and I can't wait to see your little baby! : )
    PW love, Deneen

  2. what a great shower! your friends and family are so incredible!!! i love your dress and you looked absolutely gorgeous! the picture of you and Matt needs to be framed, love it!!!

    so happy and excited for you Kathy!

  3. AWESOME shower! Your Father in law sounds like a hoot! Can't wait for the little one to make his/her appearance.

  4. your shower looks like it was amazing! you are so blessed.
    p.s. i loved your dress!

  5. I love your dress and how funny that it matched the decor unplanned. Baby C is truly lucky to have such a loving family.


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