Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome March!

We ended February with 70-deg weather here in Ohio...which is insane!!  But not complaining.  If winter doesn't want to rear its ugly harm done. :) 
Well as March swings in, its time to look at my to-do list and see how "off-track" I am!  Ugh... each month is harder to get everything done since I didn't expects myself to get so slow... and tired.  But we're trucking through...and it will all get done by the time the baby gets here... mark my words!! 

  • Order baby furniture!...crib, & storage shelf...still need to order the changing table/dresser
  • Ikea run for house stuff!
  • Spring MBA classes...start 2/18...last class is this Saturday!!
  • Finish laundry room! (I want my Ikea cabinets installed!)... ORDERED!!  Arriving this weekend!!! 
  • Drop of recycling!...This is just embarrassing now. 
  • Get nursery construction done...still ongoing, but Matt said the bookshelves should be completed this weekend... then he'll start on the board and batten.
So let's see how long my March list is looking... staying optimistic!  Since I'll be done with classes, I should have a lot more time over the weekend to really get things done. 
  • Organize nursery closet by age size. (With these lovely rod dividers)
  • Baby Showers (3/3 and 3/24)
  • Attend birthing classes (Tuesdays!)
  • Babymoon weekend!...we really need to book a weekend getaway!
  • Recycling / Clean out garage from all the construction
  • Finish nursery
  • Get nursery carpet cleaned
I do have a lot of DIY projects that I started last weekend that I still need to blog February wasn't completely useless! :)
Hope everyone is doing well! 


  1. Why hello miss productive patty!! I am excited to see how the nursery turns out. You're getting so much done!!

  2. So exciting that you have your first shower tomorrow!!! Have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!


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