Tuesday, April 10, 2012

36 week Bump Update!

How Far Along? 36 weeks 4 days
Size of Baby? About 18 1/2 inches and weighing about 6 lbs (crenshaw melon)Maternity Clothes? Full out maternity... and still outgrown some! 
Stretch Marks?  Praising God for not having any!
Sleep?. eh... I get it when I can.  I can deal with the crazy dreams and the random aspiration fits.  (yes, I choke on my saliva in the middle of the night...real joy to wake up to) Baby never kicks me awake so  that's good.
Food Cravings? All the things I can't have right now: Lemonade, Sweet tea, Watermelon.  Summer foods like: Potato Salad, BBQ ribs, burgers... etc.  I love Edy's fresh fruit no sugar added popsicles...oh my gosh so good! 
What I Miss: Doing things on my own.  Assembling the dresser for the nursery took hours because I had to keep getting up and down and that alone takes a long time!! 
What I'm Looking Forward To: Delivery... I just want to meet my baby already!! {Note: I did not say "labor"}
Symptoms? I think I've learned to control the heartburn with milk... lots and lots of ice cold milk. :)  My cankle is manageable too. 
Movement? It's the full out stretches that have me sitting down for a bit.  There just isn't any more room!
Belly Button In or Out? Weirdest thing... it started poking back out again.
Labor Signs? Braxton Hicks contractions...
Best Moment of the Week? We had a weird false alarm on Saturday.  I had just finished taking an extremely long shower (spent most of it stretching out my lower back with the hot water).  While getting dressed I sat down and had a "water breaking" moment.  I just stared at Matt and asked, "was that my water?!"  (he was super calm)... we decided to just wait and see if contractions started before calling the doctor.  We went shopping for hours...and nothing. Turns out it was most likely shower water...lol.. awkward.  At least I know Matt will be calm as a cucumber when the real thing happens!...me...not so much.
Weekly Wisdom: All the vitamins and "good food" that you stuff into your body results in some nice hair and nails...apparently when the baby pops out that all disappears...like in mass breakage.  Sure am going to miss it.


  1. Omg! A false alarm! So crazy that in just a few short weeks it will be for real!!!

  2. Kathy! You have done an amazing job of documenting your pregnancy! You are so lucky! And you look terrific...you are going to be one.hot.mama! Wishing you all the best for a speedy labour & delivery! Angie xo


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