Wednesday, April 18, 2012

37 week Bump Update!

How Far Along? 37 weeks 4 days
Size of Baby? About 19 inches and weighing about 6 and 1/3 lbs
Maternity Clothes? Full out maternity... and still outgrown some! 
Stretch Marks?  If I get them now... that would be just rude!
Sleep?. awful!  I no longer can sleep sitting up.  I'm back to laying on my side with two body pillows.  Problem is that getting up is a lot harder and I have pelvic pain from it.  But at least I'm sleeping?? 
Food Cravings? Fruit, Jello, tall glass of cold milk, lemonade, popsicles... lol 
What I Miss: Going a full day without aches and pains. :(
What I'm Looking Forward To: Finishing up some baby projects and getting pictures taken of the nursery.  We also want to try and get some maternity shots done... 
Symptoms? My left ankle is swollen on a daily basis. Other than that we're doing pretty good. 
Movement? It's more of stretches than actual movement.  I think with the lack of room our lil one is just trying to get comfortable.
Belly Button In or Out? I give up on trying to understand what its doing lol.
Labor Signs? Braxton Hicks contractions...but at night is the worst.  Just a hard belly constantly.  Think... Charley horse tightening over the whole belly. :(
Best Moment of the Week? We went to my doctor's appointment and they said I was 2 cm dilated 50% effaced.  I was surprised to hear that I already started dilating!  We have another appointment on Friday. :) 
Weekly Wisdom: I can't be late, church, to meet up with friends.  If I am.. my phone starts blowing up because people think I'm in labor. haha... nice.


  1. WOW Kathy you look amazing!!!! Hands down to you during this pregnancy, always looking stellar :) You're getting so close now, I'll be thinking of you these next few weeks.

  2. You look great! Can't wait to see pics of the nursery. I am just starting out now and November can't come soon enough! But like I told my sister, I am now 27.5% along! :-).

    1. I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly!! The beginning is always so exciting! :)

  3. You look amazing! At this point in my last pregnancy I was so swollen and just ready to have my baby in my arms! Looking forward to seeing your nursery.

  4. YAY for a full term baby. I swear you have the same happy smile on all your bumpdates :). Not long now until baby C makes his appearance (I am convinced you are having a boy, you are just glowing and boys do that to their mama :))

  5. Following back thanks for stopping by. I must say you look stunning and have that pregnancy glow. I will be happy to follow along as you receive your baby into this world. It is the most amazing thing.

  6. I don't know any of that terminology, but you do look cute, ma'am! lol

  7. Oh wow you are almost exciting!


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