Monday, April 23, 2012

Laundry Room Details

This past weekend I decided to tackle some of the finishing details for the laundry room.  It's really coming along to what we envisioned.  The rest of the work might have to wait a couple months.  I'll explain a little more on that later on.  So here's what I did!

Well first and foremost, I finally got the handles attached to the doors.  They made a world of difference! Next I decided to make mats for the top of the machines to keep them from getting more scratches from whatever we throw on top of them.  I used the same fabric I had leftover from the sink skirt project. I used a simple placemat pattern lining the back with some brown fabric I had in my stash.  They turned out pretty well!
Another new addition was this wooden tray that we were using in the kitchen.  It serves a better purpose in here corralling all of Matt's work stuff.  He always has stuff in his pockets like a tape measure, pens, weird gauges, measurement notes, screws, etc... So now he has a place to empty out his uniform each night.

As for art, I decided to frame these laundry care label symbols for "wash", "bleach" and"drying". 
A while back we made the drying rack and never quite finished it... it still needed a knob to pull it down easier.  Well, I finally got around to having Matt grind down the handle I bought so that it fit. 
As for the cabinets themselves. I haven't yet decided what to store in them.  They each have glass shelves and hold quite a I'll have to get some baskets & labels and get started. :)

So what are the plans for the future of this room?...Well, we  still want to have a glass panel put into the door and I would love to have a rail installed underneath the horizontal cabinet above the sink.  Other than that... this room is done!  I seriously love it though!!  It's so much more functional!


  1. SO lucky-tear- Yesterday I had to trudge through heavy rain to go to the nearest laundromat with two fat bags of clothes in one laundry carriage with my sister.
    I can't wait to achieve my career goal, have a nice family and a decent house like you. ^ ^

  2. Had a dream about you a few days back. You gave birth to a boy! Good luck andd have a safe delivery.

  3. I'm inspired! Our laundry room is a hot mess and has been for 3 years lol!


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