Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Room to Tackle

...yeah...yeah.. I know I'm giving birth any day now, but I couldn't help but start on another full room project.  Don't worry... it's a small one. :)  It's the upstairs guest bathroom.  I figured with the baby arriving we'll be getting a lot of overnight guests in the next few months... the bathroom really needs some love.  It's just down-right sad right now.  Here are some before shots if you don't believe me...

"Blah" doesn't even begin to describe this space.  Matt really wants a beach themed room, and as nice as that is, I want to make sure it's subtle.  Beach themes can get out of control very quickly.  Here is some of my inspiration... 

1) Subtle Horizontal lines: I really like the idea of white with a very light tan.  Matt said it will represent "sand". :)
{Source: Young House Love}

2) Subdued Color Elements: To save on costs I want to keep the towels and rug that I have for this room.  They're red... so that will be the accent color.  Otherwise everything else will be white, tan, cream, and light blue and brown.  I really like the lantern idea as well.
{Source: Pottery Barn}

3) Rope Mirror: This is one DIY project that I'm excited to tackle.  Very cost effective too since I decided to use the builder grade mirror that's already in there. 
{Source: Nate Berkus}
4) Burlap Wreath: I found this awesome burlap wreath on Roeshel's blog last year and I actually started it... just never finished!  It'll fit really well in this room.

5) Optimal Storage: I'd love to find something like this wine bottle rack to hold extra towels as well...maybe via craigslist?? am I crazy for deciding to start this project tomorrow morning?  In my defense,  a lot of  the design elements have already been purchased.  It's just a matter of painting and getting everything put in. :)


  1. Don't think it's crazy. I decided all the door knobs had to be painted in my apartment a week before my daughter was born. When you get this sudden burst of energy to clean everything including the baseboards make sure your bag is packed and the car is gassed up. I was in labor 2 days later.

  2. Nesting, are we? lol... Love the paint idea, good luck taping!

  3. You can find a towel rack like that one at Ikea. It may not be that exact one but it's close! I love the painted stripes, I'm not patient enough to attempt that project. Can't wait to see the after pics!

    1. Do you have an exact link for it?? I can't find one anywhere!


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