Monday, June 25, 2012

Marriage & Motherhood Mondays - Birth Story

A new feature for Lovelace Files!  Every Monday I'll be posting anything relating to married life and the adventures of being a mommy!  Of course all content will be based on my experience and I would love for it to be interactive... so feel free to send my questions/comments!
So what better way to kick off this feature than with...Avery's Birth Story

My due date was Saturday, May 5th.  I had been previously diagnosed with gestational diabetes and my doctor wanted to induce me a week early since babies from GD tend to run larger.  Thing was, I wanted things to progress naturally.  So when nothing happened at 39 weeks, my doctor agreed to wait and let me progress on my own time until my due date.  On Thursday I woke up with pains that I soon realized were contractions.  We called the family and after laboring at home for a few hours we headed to the hospital.
After some time the contractions got farther apart and stopped all together.  Yup...a false alarm.  
Needless to say I was disappointed. 
I wanted to meet our baby. 
So I went home determined to get things started. 
I did jumping jacks, rode the riding mower, walked miles, ate spicy food...even busted out a quick DIY project!  Matt's parent's headed back home Friday morning. 
Next thing I know it's due date.  
That morning we went shopping at Target and ran into my doctor.  She asked what I was doing there and all we could do was laugh.  I figured if anything went down, at least she was in the building. :) 
When we got home we decided to work in the garden.  I figured I was going to stay in this state until my schdeuled induction on Tuesday, so might as well make use of the gorgeous weather.  
We invited my parents and sister (who had been in town since Thursday) over for a cookout.  Matt had just finished grilling the pork chops and was handing me the plate when my water broke! (7pm)  The house went in chaos with excitement.  All I wanted to do was change and eat some pork chops! (After the false alarm I realized the hospital doesn't let laboring women eat!!)  So that's what we did.  After eating we got everything ready and we headed to the hospital. 
{last bump picture!}
At this time my contractions had started but they were completely manageable (pain-wise).  The plan was to progress naturally still...which included no pain meds.  In the morning my contractions weren't staying consistent so pitocin was administered (6:10 am).  They continued to up my dosage until contractions were 30 sec apart.  By this time it had been 24 hours since my water broke so I was put on antibiotics.  
{looking and feeling hot...haha}
The doctors were now getting concerned that the baby would become distressed.  Since I still was not progressing...and the pain was getting worse, Matt and I discussed and agreed that I should get an epidural. (4:30 pm)
The epidural made me very sleepy and cold.  To be honest, I didn't like the sensation at all.  I just felt detached from my body.  It was when we reached 25 hours that the nurse said the doctor was going to call to talk to me about our options.  Deep down I knew where we were headed and I was trying to avoid the topic. 
Sure enough, when the phone rang the doctor on-call told me I needed to strongly consider getting a c-section before things turned for the worse for the baby.  She said she could be in within 30 min and the baby out within 10 min.  The shock of how fast things were happening scared me to tears.  I called my family to have them come back to the hospital, but I couldn't stop crying.  I was scared.  I had no idea what to expect, and all I wanted was for there to be no complications.  My dad prayed with us over the phone and said they were on their way.   After hanging up the phone, everything was a blur.  I remember my best friend, Kristin being there reassuring me everything would be ok.  My family arrived as well as the on-call doctor.  Matt was given scrubs to put on and I was prepped and wheeled out to surgery. 

{Matt getting ready while Kristin reassures me}

{Being wheeled away}
{Matt waiting to be led back}
In the surgical room, the nurses and doctors worked fast.  Before I knew it the screen in front of my face was up and they were asking me if I would feel any poking as a check for the drugs working.  Matt still wasn't in the room and I was starting to panic that he would miss our child's birth.  He finally arrived and sat there next to my head.  I don't know who was more on edge...him and I.  It was then that I remembered that we forgot to have our birth mix playing!  I told Matt to have it start on his iPhone...just as Hallelujah (by Rufus Wainwright) begins to play, I hear the doctor say, "wow this is a big baby!" ...soon followed... "IT'S A BOY!"
The nurse transferred him to the scale and I could see him laying there crying... my heart immediately filled with overwhelming love and joy.  He was here.  Avery was here.  And he was healthy and ours.

Matt got to hold him right away and I'm actually the one who took the picture while the doctors finished up with  me. lol.  Seeing my two guys together like that just made the whole labor worth it.

While they finished cleaning up Avery and I, Matt went back to my family and informed them  that the baby was born...but he was waiting to reveal the gender until I was brought into recovery.  Soon we were all reunited and Avery, the newest member of the family, was introduced.

Baby C
Sunday, May 6th 2012
9lbs 2 oz
22 inches long


  1. Is it normal that tears are welling in my eyes? I am so happy to be able to be your friend during wedding planning and now this. It amazes me!

    Congrats again Kathy and Matt! Avery is beautiful!

  2. You brought so many memories flooding back Kathy coz I had a similar birth story for my first. Congratulations once again on your precious son....he is so worth it!!!

  3. He is absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad that Kristen was there too! I think he looks like Matt! Congrats!

  4. Oh gosh...I just teared up reading this! Congratulations!

  5. Just awesome! I don't know you and tears were almost flowing. Beautiful! I'm thankful that everything went ok, and you both have a beautiful, healthy boy!

  6. WOW!!!
    1. i love that you ate your pork chops after your water broke! LOL smart woman

    2. avery is just so beautiful!!

    3. don't unplanned sections suck!?

    4. i'm glad everyone is healthy and happy

    5. isn't it crazy the intense love you feel for this lil guy. how is it that they make your heart swell up so much?!

    6. how's being a mommy so far?

    1. 1) I take eating VERY seriously!
      2) thank you!
      3) yes they totally do!
      4) :)
      5) it's unreal. I catch myself spending hours just staring at him!
      6) loving every second of it!

  7. aww this so sweet, I love hearing about birth stories. Congrats guys

  8. Finallly the full scope! im tearin up so much. It is so awesome

  9. Awwww, this is such a sweet birth story. Congratulations!!!! that is one big and long baby for sure.

    Good thing you ate before you left, 20 plus hours of labor on an empty stomach would have sucked. I love how happy everyone is at the arrival of Avery.

    What is your favorite part about having a boy so far? Are you taking a million pics of the little one? How freaking cute are daddy and son moment :).

    1. I love how drama free is so He's laid back like his daddy! And yes..taking tons of pictures!

  10. How wonderful. Your baby is gorgeous, he is such a blessing. Take care of yourself and treasure these moments.

    Lisa x

  11. Congrats again on lil Avery!! You are so lucky that your family was there at the hospital to welcome your little one to the world. You are a wise woman for eating the pork chops while you could. I'm an anesthesia resident and I know women are not suppose to eat during labor in case they need emergency surgery, but I was so hungry while I was laboring with Abby that I had my husband get me a philly cheesesteak from the cafeteria. I was enjoying my sandwich when my nurse walked in and gave me a verbal thrashing b/c she knew that I knew better. lol. the sandwich was sooooo good though ;)

  12. Congratulations! He's so handsome. And you're doing a fabulous job.


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