Friday, June 8, 2012

Question & Answer

I decided to make an official post to answer all the questions I've received concerning my pregnancy, Avery and DIY projects this past couple months.  First of all, thank you to all my followers!  Especially those of you who came out of the woodwork to wish us congratulations.  It's always inspiring to know that there are people out there reading about what I blab on about. :)

I still plan on posting my birth stay tuned for that!

There's no rhyme or reason to these questions... so bear with me!

From many posters...
How is Avery? 
He's perfect.  But I'm biased as his mother. :)  Seriously though, he's a true answer to prayer.  I'll admit that I've woken him up a couple times just so I can play with him. :)   He's learning to coo and smile on purpose and I just can't get enough.  I can't wait until his personality starts to shine.  Right now he just shows me how impatient he is for food!...and he sees me as the "source".

How are you feeling? 
Well I ended up having a you can imagine how that slowed me down a bit.  But recovery has been good.  I'm starting to feel like my old self and itching to start working out and jog.  Sleep wise, I feel blessed because Avery sleeps very well.  (avg 5 hours a night)

Misc baby stuff reviews... 
I plan on posting bi-weekly reviews on a lot of the products we've chosen to use with Avery.  Including cloth diapers (we haven't started yet because we're trying to use up all the disposables that we received as gifts), glass bottles, etc. If not least updates on motherhood. :)

From Dani at OK Dani...
What has surprised you most about motherhood? 
That it would come so naturally.  I don't think twice about the late night feedings... or sniffing the weird colored stain on his clothing lol.

What's the best part? 
Those moments when he just looks into my eyes and know he sees me as his mom...the person he feels safe with. :)

What's the worst part? 
I get spit up on...a lot!  Luckily he pees on his daddy more than me. :)

From Dee at Forty-Baby...
Did you find it difficult getting the energy to do these projects during your pregnancy? 
Yes...and no.  My "tired" phase was in my first trimester along with nausea.  By the third trimester I was more motivated to get projects done because of my need to "nest" and get the house in order for Avery's arrival.  I anticipated being backed up during my maternity leave... so I wanted it all done!! :)
{Gardening the morning my water broke}

Thanks again for all the questions.  I do read them all...and I love answering them!  Gosh, it's so good to be back on here!  I really missed you all.


  1. Avery is a cutie! Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your birthing story.

  2. AWEEEE he is too cute! Love the cheeks!!!

  3. Kathy I love you! And I miss our emails. That is all :)

    Oh and Avery is the cutest!

  4. It's great to Read Your Answers and even more Awesome That motherhood has Come So naturally. One more is hubby doing?

  5. He is such a little darling! What a fabulous blog you have here! :-)

  6. Kathy, Congratulations!
    Avery is adorable.

    Thanks for answering my question.

    LOL... I'm just learning about rss feeds. Your blog is the first one I've added to my smart phone.

    I look forward to following your adventures.

  7. Thank you for taking the time from Avery to answer question. Avery is adorable!!

  8. This is so awesome. I love how super excited you look in that picture the day your water broke. You look ready to tackle a major project.

    Avery is one good looking kid. Looking forward to more pics and more on your experience as a mom.


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