Friday, June 29, 2012

T-shirt bibs

This was my first DIY project for Avery! I was inspired on pinterest to make some bibs for him using out old t-shirts. I found a simple pattern online and used it to trace out the  bib on t-shirts and washcloths (for the reverse side).  Then I used velcro for the neck attachment.

They came out great...and best of all were free!
Even my model loves them! 

{Boxing stance}


  1. Such a cute idea! And your son is quite the looker, love his big smiles!!

  2. So cute!! I love those little baby creases in the legs and arms. So sweet. Of course you make your own bibs too!!

  3. And why doesn't this surprise me? :)

    Avery you are such a cutie!! I want to meet you so badly!!!

  4. oh gawd! gimme a freakin break with your creativity, talent and productivity will you??!! sheeeesh!!

    Avery is ggggooooorrrrgggeeeooouuussssss.

  5. Those pictures of him in the bibs are adorable. You are such a wonderful mommy!!!

  6. Oh are über talented!


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