Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good Bye Plastic...

Lately I've been really harping down on the use of plastic.  I just don't think there is enough scientific evidence to support it's use safely for humans...especially with food.  Besides, it's bad for the environment.
I recently had to read (for class) the book, Moby-Duck: The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea and of the Beachcombers, Oceanographers, Environmentalists, and Fools, Including the Author,Who Went in Search of Them 

Honestly, the book was a complete bore. It had the potential to be interesting if the former English teacher turned author hadn't gone the agonizing route of large words and thoughtless rambling... 

Anywho...what I did take away from the book was that he witnessed first-hand the effects plastic has on our ecosystem.  There are actual "garbage patches" in the middle of the ocean (where currents round them up) consisting of materials that won't break down or sink...plastic material.  There's even beaches out there composed of tiny colorful bits of plastic. And for the animal lovers out there... birds such as the albatross that are dying because they're ingesting this plastic garbage that they had mistaken for food.  It's all really sad. 

So... then I had Avery.  My main concern was his health and safety so I decided to change and use non-plastic items with him.  Or at least do our best to reduce its use.  

So what are we doing to reduce our use of plastic you may ask... 

But we'd love to get as far as to... 

Well, to start I'll be going through each room of our house and "cleansing" what I can!  It's going to be a 3-month challenge that'll try to highlight bi-weekly.  Switching over may be expensive at first, but should cut down on cost in the long run, as we won't be using plastic out the wazoo! 

First up is the kitchen... probably the largest undertaking, but I've already started. :) 

- Ordered two of these pitchers for milk storage
Frigoverre Glass Pitcher - 77.75 Ounce Pitcher

- Ordered these glass containers (1 / 2)
- Ordered 2 of these pitchers for juice

I'll most likely transfer the plastic tupperware I have to arts and crafts storage. But I need help...not sure how to deal with the freezer.  Right now we vaccum pack our meat in ziploc's plastic baggies.  (which is a "blend" of plastics that adhere's to the FDA standards of food ok)  What did they do in the old days??!! 

Curious to hear your thoughts! :) 


  1. I hear ya on wanting to let go of plastics. I feel the same way! I actually have those glass containers with the green lids and I love them.

  2. I like the idea of reducing plastic. My daughter goes to alot of birthday parties so 2 yrs ago I decided I would no longer buy any cheap plastic toy as gifts. This was pretty hard because I always stocked up on the after Christmas sales for the year. Now we give pj's, sheet sets, beach towels, scrapbook supplies, books. I also figure that the last thing most kids need are more toys.

    I also have not found a better way than plastic for my daughter to take her lunch to school. My daughter doesn't eat sandwiches so most of her lunch items go in the Rubbermaid containers. She does have a thermos for hot items.

    1. Robbie, try stainless steel containers for your daughter's lunches. Found these online.

  3. Great idea, I would suggest If I may to be very carefuul with a growing baby soon to be active todler whith too much glass round the house.

    1. I agree... it'll definitely be a lifestyle change..and cabinets will need to be reassigned. Health safety is my primary concern. I've been reading a lot of reviews about the thickness and durability of each glass item I'm purchasing. So far so good!

  4. I have to agree with can be dangerous not only around a growing baby/active toddler, but also around kids.

  5. Mmhm interesting...good for you for doing something that will help little man in the long term!

  6. Wow! Good luck! Keep us posted on how things are going!!

  7. This is an awesome idea Kathy. Smart to do it now. I have been thinking about how much plastic we have in our home as well, but I haven't started to do anything about it yet. It's on the to-do-list. Good Luck and I can't wait to read more about what you have changed in your home. :)

  8. Love your blog! I found you through Clean Mama...she has wonderful ideas. I am working on getting rid of paper with plastic to follow. I have started looking for glass or stainless bowls for mixing and appreciate your links for the milk and juice containers. As far as storage in the old days, I don't think they did a lot of freezing like we do now. Tupperware came about in the 50s, I think, so I think that started food storage as we know it now. I wish I knew of a better method, but I don't. I currently use Ziploc bags for my freezing. I do wrap some things in foil and then place in the bags. Anyhoo, I look forward to reading your blog and watching precious Avery grow...he is tooo cute!


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