Friday, August 31, 2012

Thank God it's Friday!

Dear God, 

Thank you for calming down hurricane Isaac.  Please be with those who were affected by his damaging effect.  It's times like these that we're reminded of your awesome power.

Thank you for my amazing husband.  It's crazy to think we're coming on two years of marriage on Tuesday.  Thank you for crossing our life paths...he's my perfect compliment. 

Thank you so much for Avery's good health.  

Thank you for our DVR!  When Avery goes to sleep it's nice to be able to cuddle on the couch with Matt and catch up on one or two of our favorite shows. 

Thank you for watermelon.

Thank you in advance for the weight I'm going to lose as I get back into my workout routine next month...!

Thank you for getting us through this long week...and prepping us for a long weekend!  Please keep all our friends and family safe as they celebrate in their own ways.

Your daughter


  1. We will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary on Tuesday! Yay for September 4th wedding dates! You are beyond gorgeous in your wedding gown! Have a great weekend and Happy Anniversary!

  2. can't believe it's already 2 years! i still can remember us planning our weddings. so crazy how quickly time is flying!

    hope you have an amazing time celebrating and that you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I chuckled at the "thank you for watermelon" haha you're hilarious!!!

  4. DVR sure is a life saver! It's been a little over 2 years since my wedding too. Time really does fly.

  5. yay for a LONGG weekend!! :) and you and your husband are SOOO cute. You are beautiful in that dress, by the way. Happy 2 years!!

    Lovely Little Rants

  6. I love this "Thank God it's Friday" series. 2 years of marriage, I feel like I was just reading about your 1 year getaway. Time surely flies when you are having fun.

    Oh and I love the thank you in advance for the weight I am going to lose, hehehehe. That's definitely something to be thankful for.


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