Monday, September 10, 2012

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

...about going back to school. 
Since the summer of 2009 I've been slowing working on getting my MBA. (Master's in Business Administration).  My undergrad major was this business stuff is completely new to me.  So far, I've been really enjoying it.  Lately though it's been a lot more challenging as I get into the real core classes.  I'm on track to graduate next summer though! better believe I can't wait!!

...while being married. 
Really, school didn't take a hit when I got married.  I did  take a semester off for the wedding and honeymoon, but otherwise, it's been nice having Matt around to help me study. (He actually took business classes).  I do wish I would have been done with all this before getting married.  As with any outside obligation, it takes away from home life.

...while becoming a mom. 
I continued on with school throughout my pregnancy.  The last class was getting awkward since I couldn't fit in the desk (had to sit sideways lol).  Avery was actually born the week after my last week of spring classes...and then  I picked back up a late summer class 8 weeks later.  I'd be lying if I said school life was easy.  It's the lowest priority now because if Avery needs me... I have to put off studying to be there.  Matt has been amazing with the nights they have alone together while I'm away... so it's a sacrifice all around.  A typical night consists of Avery sitting on my lap chewing on my calculator while I reread chapters and take notes.  Sometimes I get to class and there's a rattle or binky in my backpack...or my notes have crinkled edges from drool. That's life though. :)

In the'll be worth it.  Just have to keep on trucking! :)


  1. Amazing. Work, husband, school, mommy. You really are doing it all!

  2. Keep up the good work. It'll pay off! I was like you. I have my undergraduate degree in Biology/Pre-med but then went on to get my Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. It was a TOUGH transition but eventually, you'll get a hang of it. I never really got accounting down but I was OK with passing the class with a B!

    Goodluck! You're almost there!!!

  3. Hey Kathy, it's Assaba from Project Wedding! (Not sure if you remember me; been checking your blog somewhat regularly but haven't commented in a while). Keep it up! Kudos to you. I've started my MBA program, so it's good to know a newly married woman who's been there, done that. I'll be done in 3 years since I'm going part-time while working almost full time. Hubby and I have started talking about the appropriate time to have baby #1 (we've been married now for 2 years). I want to wait 'til I'm done (I'll be 30), because working in the consulting field and taking 2 classes a semester, while caring for a baby sound like a lot. So please do share any lessons learned!

    1. Of course I remember you Assaba! Welcome to blog-land! :)
      Thanks so much for your comment...and how exciting to hear you're going back for your MBA! I'm doing the same thing (part time while working)...but with a baby too. It's definitely overwhelming, but I'm in the tail end of classes. I don't know if I would have had the energy for everything if I were still starting off...but everyone is different. I wish you all the best! I'll try and offer in advice when I can! good to hear from you! Hope you're doing well!

  4. Hi Kathy,

    So happy to be reading this about school, marriage and babies. I personally keep wondering if it can be done (I've got the marriage part locked in, now I'm adding the babies and school. A bit nerve wrecking.) Are you doing your masters program online or on campus? It's something I'm trying to figure out for myself, which one would work best. Also, you work and go to school. Can you write more about managing all of these things?


    Dynasti in Alaska, no blog yet but working on it!


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