Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Canada...

So we recently got back from our vacation trip to Canada to visit with Matt's side of the family.  I also have family in the Toronto area, so we stopped by their houses on the way there and back. It was a nice long weekend of fun and relaxation.

At the border we got to use Avery's new passport!  He looks so handsome in his picture!
{Avery was chill in his carseat for the entire trip}

We spent a night at a cottage on the lake...so breath taking and beautiful!
{Hanging out with Uncle Jack}

 {Matt's aunt and her daughters}
 {Matt's older brother Jeremiah and his daughter}

 {The view of the dock from the cottage}

 We stayed at Matt's uncle and aunt's house...and the last night we were there we had a surprise birthday party for Matt's brother. It was nice having all the family together.  Avery got to meet his great grandma too!

Lil man was great in the car and I know he had a blast hanging with his aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great grandma!
...till next time!


  1. looks like a great trip. makes me want to visit Canada soon. we're suppose to be going to Toronto sometime this year but it isn't set in stone just yet.

    i cannot get over the cuteness Avery is.

    and you are looking good! i don't even see a belly anymore! :)

  2. Oh wow...the views there look awesome. I could sit and stare out all day long.
    Looks like a fun trip. I guess Avery got his first stamp on his passport. So cool!
    That's one of hubby's favorite things about traveling. He loves to see the many stamps he's accumulating on there :-). Avery sure does have a good head start though. I love it when families travel together! My folks did that and I think it makes for a well rounded life.

  3. This looks like such a fun trip. Look a Avery already a world traveler at his young age. Gotta love that. Love the car pic and the pic of you guys with Matt's aunt. Great memories for sure.


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