Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bridging the Gap...above the mantel

This is hopefully going to be a quick and easy DIY project.  A lot of the work will be done by Matt since it involves a lot of heavy lifting/wood work.  So we bought a new tv, and we've been trying to decide whether to put it above the fireplace or leave it in the corner of the room.  In the end, we decided the fireplace was too high to view the screen comfortably.  So until we take on the daunting task of lowering it... we'll leave it in the corner.  Unfortunately this means the space above the fireplace needs "something".   The ceilings are very high...so something that would bring the eye up is where we are headed.  This is when I remembered the giant mirror chillaxing in the basement... and I had...an idea. 

Matt's been asking me to make the room a little more "homey" / "lived in...
So here's what I'm envisioning.  If we can find  molding that matches what is around the fireplace, Matt can frame out the mirror.  Then I can use these metal stars I got for practically nothing at a clearance sale to decorate around the mirror.  They would also be helping to mask the drill holes that are in the mirror. Also.. the star elements bring in a sort-of "country feel".  Since the hubs is from the country I'm hoping he starts to get the feeling of "home".  Still have some more ideas to do on the other walls, but this is a start. 
I'd like to update the window treatments in this room as well too.  Currently we have simple brown tab top curtains on the bottom windows.  I would love to make a more dramatic feature... 

What do you all think?!


  1. It definitely will look nice! Looking forward to seeing the end results!

  2. i think it is going to look so good! i can't wait to see when you are done with this project! i think you and Matt should come and visit me. my house needs you :)

  3. Love the concept! A lot of people put their TV above the fireplace and even on a lower one I don't like that placement because it always feels too high and too far away.

    1. That's how I feel. Though our living room is set up so weird that we're super limited on where to put the tv and be able to watch it comfortably. :(

  4. Yay! That will look awesome! :) I love that idea.


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