Monday, October 22, 2012

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

...on daycare vs. grand-parent care. 

We've been extremely blessed in the department of childcare.  My mom graciously offered to watch lil A full time when he was born and I was headed back to work.  That alone made the transition so much easier for me.  As a bonus, lil A got to spend quality time with his grandma.  Well as great as a setup as it has been, we knew in the back of our minds one of two things would happen:
1) My mom would get burnt out watching an infant every day all day... or
2) Lil A would come to the age we were comfortable with to put him in a daycare so he could start interacting with other kids.

Well #2 came first. :)  Lil A will be 6 months in a couple weeks...and since he's now sitting up and about to begin crawling we feel comfortable enough to have him in a "at-home" daycare part-time for now.  My mom will have him the other 1/2 of the week.  We're still working out the details on what days... but come November he'll be transitioning.  The daycare is run by my mom's very good friend out of her home.  She's very clean and organized (high points from me!!) and most of all we personally trust her.

Matt and I both feel our son is ready for this next step.  We're always so proud when we pick him up from nursery at church on Sundays and hear the glowing remarks from the workers.  "He's so laid back"..."What a sweet boy"..."Nothing bothers him"... "He's so happy all the time".  Yeah, all these traits are from my side of the family.  (Just kiddin'!)  But seriously...we want lil A to start to make some new friends his own age.  Unfortunately this decision is going to come with some drawbacks:
1) Will he be getting sick more often?
2) What if they don't accept his cloth diapers?
3) What if he doesn't acclimate well? or gets picked on?

I know that first day I'll be a hot mess... but this is part of him growing up right?  I need to accept the fact that he's becoming a big boy now.  Gosh, next will be first day of school and you better believe I'll be a blubbering fool.

So any sage words of advice for this momma? 

{Stay tuned for next week and a highlight on homemade baby food!}


  1. haha, i love how you said that he got all those great traits from the side of your family, lol...i seriously laughed out loud!

    6 months already?! where has the time gone?!

    1. haha... I was just speaking the truth!! And yes, 6 months already. I blinked...and here we are!

  2. Grandparents watching kids can be a blessing especially when they are little! My mom watched my daughter for 3 yrs. She cried when I decided to put her in a preschool, but knew it was for the best. My daughter is now 10 and she shares a very special bond with my mom. They are truly partners in crime together...against me.:)

    Although Avery may or may not get a a few sniffles once he starts daycare. I think it's better to get them now than when he starts elementary.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Robbie! I feel a lot better with our decision. Glad to know your daughter and mom are still so close! :)

  3. Awww...I am sure its really hard for you. We plan on getting at home day-care (as in our home...part time nanny) after our little one arrives and I go back to work. But we're only going to do that for a year so I am likely going to be where you are a year from now.
    Hang in there. I am sure all the new experiences he gets from the day care will give you both something more to bond over.

  4. We are thinking of transitioning Abby to an in home day care as well. She is with our live in nanny all day and I am concerned about her learning to socialize with other children! I think Avery going to a small day care owned by someone you trust will help you all grow as a family and introduce him to new friends he can learn and play with!

  5. Aw, that's so cool that your mom was able to watch him for so long. My grandmother kept me until I was about 3 years old and I still have memories from those time and cherish them. It's great when a child can spend so much time with a grandparent. It's good that he'll get to spend some time around other kids to though - the best of both worlds! :)


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