Monday, November 26, 2012

30-Day Challenge: Week 4 - Exercise & Weight Loss you survived Thanksgiving!  If you're like me (and majority of America), you sat there and ate..and ate... and ate some more.  Many of you justified it as fuel for your Black Friday shopping.  (Or you just passed me)  But lets be honest, those jeans are no longer fitting as well as they did a couple weeks ago!  The holidays are notorious for weight gain.  We can't help but indulge in all the great eats and treats... but it doesn't have to be a waistline buster.  A simple exercise routine and good eating choices keep you in great shape as we enter 2013!   Why wait for a New Years Resolution when you can get a head start today!! 
Here are some awesome tips to trim the fat...on a busy schedule!
Consider this weight loss guide for women on the go...(I'm sure it works for men too!)

  1. Eat Breakfast!: This used to be my downfall.  It was so easy to cut breakfast when I just didn't have time for it in the morning!  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It jump-starts your metabolism (ability to break down food) and it gives you the energy you need to do morning tasks!  So make it a point to eat something.  Some great on-the-go meals include: Bagels, Granola Bars,  Yogurt, Bowl of mixed fruit (or even grapefruit) and my favorite... smoothies (You can pack them full of your daily source of veggies and fruits!)
  2. Cut Portion Size: Did you cringe??  Cause I did.  Who wants to think of smaller portions?? ... we're not rabbits!  Let's be honest for a min. though.  America is known for having the largest food portions!  Don't believe me?  Go to London and order a small milkshake at McDonald's   The "dixie cup" serving they hand you will have you asking for a "super size".  Try sharing a dish at a restaurant with a friend or saving the rest for later.  As a rule thumb...portions should be the size of your fist.  I guess it would actually be a rule of "fist" lol...
  3. Be More Active: Exercising daily is essential to losing excess weight. You may not have time to run to the gym, but try to put in 30 min of daily active activity.  (Feel free to break that up in 10-min intervals).  Try taking a walk during lunch or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  We'll cover some more exercise options tomorrow! 
  4. Snack Smarter: I'm not much of a snacker... but if you have BBQ chips on hand , consider me an addict. :) Snacking isn't a bad thing.  It actually helps keep your energy up and curb your appetite between meals.  The problem is the choice of snack. Eat tasty, low-calorie foods like baby carrots, low-fat yogurt, rice cakes and whole-wheat pretzels.  Spend a little extra time and pre-cut some fresh fruit in containers to eat during the day!

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  1. Great tips! The thing is that a lot of times we know what we SHOULD be doing it's just harder to actually do it. I think I did pretty good with not overdoing it for Thanksgiving dinner.

    1. That's great to hear! I don't know why I over eat on Thanksgiving! I'm vowing to take it easy for Christmas though. :)

  2. Oh boy....and Christmas is round the corner. One tip I got somewhere is to always travel with a skipping rope that way you still get in your daily exercise no matter where you are. This is my goal this holiday season...nomore excuses :-)

    1. What a great idea! I'll definitely mention that in my next post...and I'll have to make sure to remember to pack mine on my next trip!


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