Thursday, January 10, 2013


So here's another attempt at revamp the wardrobe!  Not going to lie... I'm starting to enjoy this personal life challenge!  I managed to make a new look without spending a cent!  I'm sure Matt is so proud of me haha.  It's weird how a new look motivates all aspects of my life.  I woke early {because I was excited}, Made a great lunch, got to work early, and I feel energetic!  {Score!}

{Wardrobe Sources}
Not sure where the jacket is's been in my closet for years!
The shirt is from Maurices
Necklace from Charlotte Russe
Boots from DSW

I got a lot of cute clothes for Christmas from both sides of my I can't wait to model those as well!!    I hope some of you will consider starting this as well!  It's just once a week!
P.S.  Taking a shoe shot is the hardest part...oh my word!!


  1. Looking good!

    I am still home with baby and working part time from home so I don't really get dressed up but hoping to join the challenge next month when I go back to work.

    1. How is your lil one?! I hope you're enjoying every waking moment!! I feel like my time at home went by way too fast. :(

  2. Ooooooh stylish. I love the boots tucked-in look. My favorite of the moment. I do like how thrifty you are.

  3. I love it! I'm also being pushed into changing my style. I'm afraid of spending though so I still need a bit more pushing.

    1. I'm with you Sarah! I've been trying to make new outfits with the clothes I already have... just mixing and matching differently. :)


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