Monday, February 18, 2013

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

I grew up in an all girl home.  As in, it was just my sister and I. It was pretty, neat, full of barbies and dresses.
Matt grew up with 3 brothers.  It was mud, trucks and wrestling.

We had a boy.

I've stated many times how I have no idea what I am doing half the time with raising a boy, but as more milestones keep coming on I'm realizing I'm in over my head! There are some things about raising boys that I'm beginning to realize I will have little to no control over.

1) He farts...and laughs.  Mainly because daddy laughs and says "Good job, son!"... so now he thinks it's not only expected of him...but hilarious as well.
2) He has to bang on everything.  Destruction is in his DNA.
3) He enjoys rough-housing.  Matt started this too early in my opinion.  But  now the two of them are inseparable.  The other day I walked into the bedroom to find Matt throwing tossing lil A onto the bed full of pillows.  I just about lost my breath until I heard his uncontrollable giggles followed by him crawling back for more.  Whatever.  I don't get it, but they're bonding I guess.
4) He'd rather be naked.  He hasn't quite figured out how to undo snaps, but I constantly catch his chucking off his shoes and socks and pulling on his shirt and diaper straps.  When he's in the buff...he does this huge stretching routine...rolls over...and takes off down the hall.
5) He grunts.   For a toy, for milk, for my food and for me to stop lotioning him.
6) He's a flirt...just like his father.
7) He has a temper...again, like his father.  He usually grunts and slams his legs down once.  That's usually all  that happens because my stern face is killer!  (definitely proud of that haha)

So yeah, I'm learning...
Any advice for what I have to look forward to is much appreciated. :)

"So this is what holds the milk?" - A

Happy Monday!


  1. is there a way to subscribe to you? down below it looks like i can sub to posts but this just goes to my yahoo and i want to subscribe by email...

    1. Hey Kelly! I activated the subscription on the top right!!

  2. Holy crap!?!?!?
    I could've written this entire post word for freaking word!!!
    SO SCARY!!!!! (well, except poor john is a terrible flirt)

    I just try to keep up with Roey's energy. He's such a.... BOY!!!

  3. The picture is hilarious!

    Miss AOI is such a tom boy, and daddy doesn't help to keep her calm, she loves the tossing on the pillow game. she has that energy I sometimes find hard to keep up, lol

  4. Had only daughters, but grew up with brothers. Teach middle school. All I can say as the boys get older, they get easier. As girls get older, they get infinitely much harder.

  5. Hahahhah I love that you have a stern face downpack. I wasnt prepared for a boy either... for the first three months he was very gender neutral but it's coming out now that he is a BOY'S boy.

  6. Haha he sounds like my nephew!!

    I would love to see your stern face ;).

    I love that picture! He is so intent on your bra, lol.

  7. Haha, I grew up in a girls rule houeshold too (my dad stayed out of our way when we were "in our element". I have a friend with a georgous lil boy and he hates clothes too (one time he stripped in a resturant)...infact, it sounds like u are talking about this lil friend of mine. Gotta love lil boys!!!

  8. Gril, I'm in over my head as well. My 3month old would poop and smile right afterwards, almost like he's saying, " Yup, now you have to change that mess." It is different than raising a girl--that's for sure.

  9. Hey! I just found your blog, and I'm loving it! Cutest little boy!

    I'm due with our first baby in a few weeks, and was so relieved it's a girl (I grew up in an all-girl household, too). Though I hope we have a boy one day. Just so I get to experience the craziness. :)

    Good luck!

    1. Welcome to my blog and congrats on your soon-to-be-here baby girl!! It's an exciting time!!

  10. hehehehehe, this made me laugh because it is so true. I have two boys and two brothers and man we need a girl up in here :)

  11. hehe. i grew up with two and two. so it was a mix of both. i think it will be a fun adventure. plus, every kids personality is different. you never know.

  12. LOL love the picture of him with your bra! Well seems as though reading through items 1-7 Daddy has already had a huge influence on him and has gotten him started young on a few hahaha ;)


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