Monday, March 4, 2013

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

...on how I schedule being a mom. 
Funny right?  I mean, if you're a mom  you realize that there is no actual scheduling involved when it comes to kids.  You just do the best you can to survive the day. lol. Just kidding.  In actuality it's totally possible to have a really good routine and schedule with your kid(s).  It takes a lot of discipline and practice, but it's definitely possible.  The problem is, kids tend to do the opposite of what you expect. :)

Matt has always been my opposite.  Where I'm rigidly organized and meticulous...he's carefree and spontaneous.  Lil A fits right in between us.  He has a set schedule each day...but as he gets older he's finding his likes and dislikes...that still have to fit into his daily routine. 
Just like his father, he's pushed my boundaries of rigidness a little more so that I'm spending more time playing and giggling with him rather than cleaning and organizing the house.  Don't get me wrong, the house is still in order...I just stay up later getting things done. :)  I've learned to enjoy the moments I have with him at this stage, because the next day is a whole new day of discovery and growth. 
For example, the other day I put lil A in the living room with his toys and went out to the car to get the groceries.  I came back in and he was no longer in the living room.  I called his name and he responded with a "eh!"...from the stairs!  He was sitting on the second step facing out with his little leg swinging.  I mistakenly dropped the groceries and ran to him in a panic.  He took this sudden movement as a game of chase and proceeded to flip around and high-tail it up 1 1/2 flights!  I  had no idea he even knew how to climb the stairs. (Doesn't have access to them at my parents or daycare!).  Anywho, it's  times like those that I realize...he's growing before our eyes.  As crazy hectic and exhausting a day might be, he's quickly becoming a young man.
But in the end, he's the most rewarding balance to my life...and that part...was unplanned. :)


  1. What a sweet, sweet post!!!
    I just got goosebumps. :)

    He's such a precious little thing!

  2. Hahahaha, thats so cute, a game of chase! Children are such a blessing. Thank for sharing that joy!

  3. seriously? this makes me want to have a baby. i just loved the way you shared this.


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