Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And just like that...he took me to new heights!

I love my husband.

Even on a normal day starting at 5am when he snoozes his alarm for 1 hour, groggily helps me get the boys ready, spills sugar everywhere while making our coffees, forgets the diaper bag when dropping the boys off, forgets the lunch I made him in his car, lies about eating said lunch, runs errands on his way home, walks in with a grocery bag 1/2 filled with eaten candy bars, and riles the boys up right before bedtime...a  too late bedtime.

I still love him.

I love him because he doesn't stress out about getting ready in the morning, because irate noises like an alarm don't bother him, because lil A adores the way he wakes him up, because he knows how I like my coffee (sweet and light...just like him!), because deep down I don't mind re-routing my morning to drop off the diaper bag and see the boys one more time, because I don't mind spending time to make his lunch, because I like practicing my skills at catching him in a lie, because he doesn't complain about running by the store for the taco seasoning I forgot, because he has a sweet tooth that kick starts my dieting, because he bonds with our boys.

Matt's my best friend.  Lately, life has gotten hectic and we just haven't had the time to really connect.  It's just a part of life I know... but I'm a big fan of date nights...without the kiddos!  Just a little R&R to get back on track and talk about adult things.  (Harder than it sounds... I can talk about Thomas the Train for hours!)

So when Matt told me that we were going to do a weekend getaway I was excited.  At first it was going to be a family thing but he planned something that he said wasn't kid friendly so we reluctantly made plans to leave them behind in the safe hands of my parents.  We both knew we would miss the boys like crazy, but we were also excited for some time just the two of us.  The funny part was I had no idea what the weekend had in store!  That's right... Matt planned out the entire weekend!  As in...every..single... moment.  From when we would wake up, where we would eat, etc.  That's a huge feat for a fella who married an obsessed control freak a planner.

So there we were driving to New York Friday night after work.  Felt like teenagers blaring our favorite songs, eating McDonalds, and me asking Matt 50 questions about what we were doing all weekend.  Four hours later...
We arrived at our hotel around 11pm and he insisted we go straight to bed because he had an early morning planned.  I figured 9am.. not to bad.  He meant 5am. :o
 So we woke up in the wee hours of the morning and headed across the street to Tim Horton's (we're huge fans!!) and got our breakfast sandwiches and cafe mochas and then he drove out to what seemed the middle of nowhere.  We then pulled into a gas station and he just looked at me and smiled.  He said, "This is where we meet".  I was like, meet who... and then I saw the truck.  It said on the side: Remax...Hot Air Balloon specialists.  I screamed... I hit him... I started laughing.  Seriously... I've been begging him to go for years and his answer was always "absolutely not".  But here we were.  We followed the flight team to an empty field behind a farmhouse that had the most gorgeous backdrop to watch the sunrise.  From there we began setting up the balloon!

 As we took off, we glided over the pond.  It was like we were on glass... absolutely no wind and beautiful.  I think at one point we started to panic because it looked like we wouldn't actually clear the bank on the other side.. and sink. haha.

 This is when I was brought near to tears.   As I was looking out at the amazing view I said it was just amazing.  Matt replied, "that's not all".  I looked at him shocked as in, why? did you bring champagne or something? haha.  He slipped his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small box.  I opened it and found these two rings...there wasn't much I could say after that.

 Next thing we knew we were heading into Letchworth park and straight for the middle waterfall.  It's gorgeous!  Our pilot planned it just right that we actually coasted at the top of the waterfall and allowed the current to pull us over the falls.  We then floated down in front into the gorge and then back up out.  Ah... I girl can only take so much amazingness I tell ya!  It was like a dream!

 We land a few miles away in a random field.  We then helped deflate and roll the balloon back up.

The pilot ended the experience with a toast of sparkling grape juice... which is tradition for surviving  the flight. haha.  It was seriously an amazing surprise.  Like I said, I love my husband.  But he definitely outdid himself!!

These photos were taken on my phone.  I have some I still need to take of my camera.  Wanted to share the experience here first.  The next couple days I'll recap the rest of the weekend.
- Kathy


  1. OMG, that looks AMAZING!!! I LOVE the pics of you and your hubby together, such a beautiful couple. He did GOOD! The views look amazing!

    1. Thanks! Yes, he did amazing! I keep teasing him that he can't top this haha.

  2. Ahhhhh, how sweet of your hubby to plan something so special for just the two of you. It looks like such an amazing time. So happy that you enjoyed yourself and I love those rings with the boys' name on them. He did good, ok, he did amazing.

    We found that taking a little break away from the kids from time to time is so good for our souls. Even though all we do is talk about them the whole time, it's nice to get away.

    1. Totally agree Peg. It was like a recharge if anything else. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that is the SWEETEST!!!! Such an amazing experience and awesome that you didn't have to plan any of it, just take it all in and enjoy. Those rings! I LOVE, super cute!!!! So ummmmm.....Can you have your husband call mine and give him some tips on how to be sweet and romantic?! Nothing big...just maybe a lil bulleted list or sumfin. :)

    1. haha... Dani.. you kill me. I'll see what my strawberry blonde can do for yours!

  4. What an amazing ride!!! That is so awesome. Such a much needed much deserved getaway.


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