Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ikea time!

This weekend I'm taking a day trip out with my mom and the boys to visit my sister and see her new place....and shop at Ikea! hehe!  So excited!
Honestly though, my lil sis moved into her new apartment around the time lil R was born...so like 8 months ago and I have yet to see it!  I'm so proud of her though. She's really grown up into a mature woman living on her own and hold down a really respectable job.  Way to go lil sis!!

Anywho... let's get back to what my Ikea shopping list entails! I always have to go into that amazing wonderland with a list in hand...or I'll leave with $0 in my bank account...and a smile on my face. :)
First off, need to grab some cheap pillows.  I have a super cute idea for Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephews...but it involves 15 pillows... haha... yeah.  So I'll need to check the fluffiness of these bad boys and see if they'll do the trick.  Cause for $1.99... you can't beat that price tag! (SLAN - Pillow)
Next I need to hunt down a couple of floating shelves for the master bathroom.  I love floating shelves.  We only have a couple in the house and they were expensive.  I heard Ikea carried a couple options and easy on the wallet.  LACK wall shelf - $14.99.   Will be needed two of these to go just above the jacuzzi tub... 
LACK Wall shelf IKEA The shelf becomes one with the wall thanks to the concealed mounting hardware.
Next I'm on the hunt for some succulents.  As in the plant. :) They don't need a lot of water and would make an awesome addition to my bathroom.  The theme we're trying to achieve is rustic spa...These run at $2.99 a piece.  
I also want to scope the idea of new window treatments for the back sliding door.  I like the idea of sliding panels.  My mom is also interested in them so we'll be pricing them out and checking the quality etc.. 
ANNO SANELA Panel curtain IKEA Can also be used as a room divider, to hide open storage or instead of a door.
I always give my self a small amount in cash to spend on anything that really catches my eye!  So you better believe I'll be looking! Meanwhile I hope to finish up painting the master bathroom so that when I renturn with the shelves they go straight up! 

- Kathy


  1. So proud of your sis, isn't so nice when our little siblings are growing into great adults. I was so proud when my brother got a job, a wife and now a baby. It's crazy how time flies. I just have to work on my youngest brother now :).

    Excited to see what you do with all the Ikea stuff

  2. So sweet :) And go girl! I have yet to visit an IKEA! LOL.

    1. can't believe you've never being an Ikea shop. You will fall in love it. I'm in love and I get so excited gone there :)

  3. So happy for your sister. hope you find all your items :)

  4. Oh IKEA!! How I used to love that place. Not that I don't still love it I just haven't needed to go in a looong time. Isn't it cool to watch your little sis grow up right before your eyes?

  5. HEY! You haven't posted 4 ever!! Miss reading the posts!

    1. Thanks for the note! Missed posting!

    2. Thanks for the note! Missed posting!


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