Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Home Sweet... say what?!

So this is really happening... we're putting our house up for sale.  This is a shock for many...and many times I sit there in shock myself.  But if I let reality catch up I know this was a decision that was a long time coming.  So in a way, I was in denial!  So why are we selling our home?...

...because we found our dream one!  For the past year we've been doing random projects here and there around the house with the knowledge that this was our "starter" home.  That we would eventually throw in the towel and venture to that forever home with all our "must-haves".  Basically, we were looking for:
- More backyard (2+ acres)
- Wooded lot ... cause Matt is a country boy who wants to chop wood... don't ask.
- 4 bedrooms
- Great school district
- 3-car garage or a 2-car with a large shed for Matt's work bench space.
- Walk out basement ... not a deal breaker.

So during our weekend drive arounds... just checking out the crazy hot sellers market.  We stumbled on a house that had some awesome potential... but there weren't many trees and there wasn't an extra garage.  The house was goregous, but I felt like we were settling in terms of what Matt really wanted.  So we decided to check out another house... 1-day old on the market.  I didn't think I would like it.  I didn't think it would fit the bill, I didn't think that Matt would be the one to find it. lol
But he did... and it was...and we made an offer...and they accepted.

So here we are... in a contract for our dream home with the contingency that we sell ours first... in 30 days. ha!  We could still lose the house to a better bid... we could lose it by not selling ours fast enough... but we're fighting to have everything align perfectly.

So am I stressed.  Just a lil.
Am I excited. Yes
Am I busy cleaning and packing up a house while crying over the memories... yes... yes, I sure am.

But this will be a great new chapter and adventure in our lives.
Just praying it's what God has in store for us.  And if it is, praying he opens all the doors.

As we count down the last days in our 1st home.. I'll be doing a parade of my favorite projects.  Remembering the good times as we get ready to start some new ones!
- Kathy


  1. So exciting! I can't wait for your future blog posts about making your new house your home! Congrats!

  2. This is awesome. Congratulations!

  3. All the best in getting your new dream house! I also loved your current one. Can't wait to hear about the new projects :-) Congratulations!

  4. Ahhhhh, how exciting. I love that you found your dream home. I am sure you'll go full blown on DiY goodness in that house too and I am ready for that.

    We are still years away from our dream home but I must say it's nice to dream.


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